Where Have You Been, Neon Signs, And Where Are You Going?

Car wrapping is a process used to change the colour of a vehicle. By using large sheets of self adhesive vinyl and very highly skilled technicians, a vehicle can be wrapped to change its colour. To an untrained eye, the finished article looks the same as a finished paint job. Chances are you may have come across a wrapped vehicle not even knowing it was wrapped.

People are often bombarded with screaming bill boards, advertisement and eye catching slogans. They may decide to buy or they may not. Business signs don’t entice people to buy, but rather create a mental thought process that takes mere seconds. Read up to know how these impressions that take only a few seconds to occur, can influence people to take action.

The big themed weddings seems to be Vintage & Rustic. Crystal, pearls, rhinestones and elegant items seem to be big on the list. Cool lampshades, Tiffany lights, antique vases and tree branches are being incorporated into table centerpieces. Smaller and more intimate receptions are on the rise as well along with destination weddings. Brides are becoming more budget conscious and many are considering the DIY wedding. If you have the Martha Stewart knack and the time, you may be surprised just how nice it can be done at an affordable price!

In a local newsletter I had a little chuckle with some of the new fitness classes that were advertised. I especially like this one “Born Again Bodies” and another was LEGS – Linda’s Easy Going Strollers, for women who have various health challenges.

An addition of graphical elements like your business’ logo is a good choice but it must not overpower the entire sign. Finally, before starting Vehicle Graphics the designer must take a look of the surroundings. Your sign must stand out but it should also suit in the neighbourhood.

Over the years clients have asked us to wrap their personal cars rather than their vans etc. This has huge benefits to a car owner. The obvious is an immediate colour change, the process only takes between 1-3 days depending on the size and complexity of the vehicle. The process wont damage any of the cars original paintwork (unless there is already damage to the paintwork ie: stone chips, peeling paint or laquer). In actual fact, the vinyl protects the cars original paintwork from minor chips and scratches. There are hundreds of colours available as well as specialty finishes such as Matt Black, Carbon Fibre, Pearl Effect colours. The vinyl wrap can be removed at any time to restore the car to its original colour. This can all be done at a fraction of the cost of a full respray.

Remember how your mom used to say it was easier to smile than frown? Well, Momma was right! It takes only two muscles (the zygomaticus major muscles extending from the cheekbones to the corners of the lips) to paste one on your face. This also makes smiles easy to fake, so look for a lack of movement of the wrinkle lines around your guy’s eyes. It’s classic tell of a bald-faced liar … or Botox injections.