What Type Of Poker Player Are You?

Players big423 and ekdfire place bets, but opt to keep them secret. I’m not paying much attention to them, however, because I’m mainly worried about BobKatt. If he beats the house and wins enough money this round, he’ll be ahead of me. That’ll put me last, and because this is an elimination round, that means I’ll be out of the game, and out of the running for the tournament prize: an 8Gb iPod Touch.

Your opponent’s chip stack also makes a huge difference, not only to the size of your bet, but as to whether or not you will bet at all. If you make a pre-flop raise of $300 and your opponent calls with only $300 left in his stack, he is pot-committed and you will not be able to bluff him after the flop. Realize this and either flop or be prepared to put him all in.

You will exponentially increase your success against beginners players just by picking to play better cards. I’m not talking about being so tight you won’t shell out a dollar to pay for your grandpa’s bus ticket. I’m talking about just being a more solid poker player all round.

While it is a fact that the rise in the popularity of internet poker did lead to a rise in the amount of players that do really earn cash from playing poker online, the sad fact remains that the majority of online players are overall losing players. This isn’t that bad though, when you put it all in perspective. When compared to more main stream hobbies, being a losing poker player could be relatively cheap. A good night out should cost much more than many nights of losing at the poker tables.

Cover five of the chips with three coats of Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Gloss Black. Coat the remaining five chips with Krylon Indoor Outdoor Paint in Gloss White. Allow the chips to dry completely.

New players, otherwise known as fish, are not very good a poker. Well, they can play – they know the rules and that – but they haven’t mastered all the fine points of Afa Poker.

Here is another advantage to playing in the LPT. Since everyone is so nice and I can always count on people I know being there it is a great night out on the town with my wife. We call it our “Bowling League”.

If you have a flush draw try to keep the pot moderate with as many people staying in as possible. Don’t become pot committed before you have a made hand. Play your hand according to what the flop brings. Get out as soon as it looks like you investment of additional money is throwing good money after bad.