What Do You Do If Your Child Is Overweight?

In December, I like to go through my kids’ rooms and clear out outgrown or damaged clothes and toys, making room for the Christmas presents. This past weekend, I filled six trash bags and created some semblance of space and order in their rooms. I also donated about 12 bags and boxes of usable items to the Goodwill.

If you’re so busy you can’t find time to purge toys and clothes your kids outgrew from their rooms, why would you try to have a yard sale? Think of all the time you’ll be spending cleaning items, tagging items, and sitting in your driveway haggling with people who want to save $0.25. Is that really how you want to spend your time off work?

Photos from Graduation – playschool in Bangal, college or high school graduations offer a lot of chances to catch important moments from somebody’s life. If the relatives of the graduate are not located at the same town or don’t have professional digital camera, it’s a great opportunity for you to get great shots they can’t.

Climbing objects and jumping off was also a problem. I cannot tell you how many times my heart dropped when I walked into his room to find he had managed to get on top of his dresser.

During circle time and other opportunities such as when the children are working in the pre-writing center, sing “P is for penguin, that’s good enough for me” to the tune of “C is for Cookie” from Sesame Street.

REASON IT OUT. There is a reason they are biting. Biting and aggressive behaviors generally stem from communication frustration, jealously, anger and fear. Are they in a new situation? Why are they anxious? Be a 2 year old. Consider their day from their point of view. Walk in their shoes.

My next bill will still be higher than normal, although not $300; and the bill after that SHOULD be normal. If it isn’t, I will simply look at the graphs to see which one is not fitting its expected TREND. I suppose I should send a thank you note to the utilities department for making the change to line graphs. They make the data so much easier to understand–the very purpose of graphs!