What Are The Qualities In Professional Portrait Photographers?

The end of summer is the time many soon-to-be high school seniors consider getting their senior portraits taken. Photographing seniors is somewhat different than photographing a wedding, newborn or family. The following is a list of tips for new photographers entering this market.

Your graduation gown will be the single most dominant feature of most photos, especially full- length shots. Consider your skin tone and your gown’s color for the best balanced makeup. If you have a lighter skin tone, your main concern is not to be washed out in photos. Go for a natural tone, with a slightly darker foundation. Opt out of colors that could compete with your gown. If you have a darker skin tone, try to add some light contrast to your facial tones by using a little blush and a slightly lighter foundation color. This will increase the tone quality and make your face pop instead of wash out in your photos. Darker lip colors should look fine, as long as they complement your tones rather than contrast. Consider using collars.

Provide the senior information regarding how to prepare for a photo shoot. Many seniors have never had a boca raton business-head-shots taken outside of their yearly school portrait. Even if they have had yearly family portraits taken, often it was their parents who took care of most of the details. As a result most seniors will appreciate information on how to dress, wear make, and deal with glasses for a successful photo shoot. Providing this information is a small detail which will make a significant difference in the quality of images and degree of service the senior perceives.

Ask plenty of questions. Have a list ready when meeting with the photographer so you do not forget anything. Include things like asking where they learned professional portrait photography and how long have they been doing it. Do not forget to ask if they have any kind of guarantee for when your shoot is done and you do not like the photos taken. Always ask for testimonials or if you can call prior clients.

This can be fun for your kids they can help in choosing the snapshots to give and who to give them to. Plus if you want to decorate the album or frame they are fabulous artists when it comes to decorating.

When you think of a “Professional” in any arena, what comes to mind? For most of us the term “Professional” conjures up images of Doctors, Lawyers, Bankers, Corporate Managers and other “white collar” types. (I must admit when I used the word ‘arena’, it made me think of MMA professional fighters…) In any case the term “Professional” denotes one who is specially trained, knowledgeable, and imminently qualified to do a particular job.

The quality of your photographs is also determined by the type of camera and film you use. Once you understand your subject and use the techniques that the professionals use such as lighting and angles, you will be able to create a portrait that is near to professional if not professional for your family and friends for any occasion. Anyone can snap a picture, but wouldn’t it be great to create a portrait?