Well Hung Heart Music Review

Beat making is not as easy as you think. Even if you are using professional beat maker software, it can take time for you to come up with a good output. The creation process can be daunting for beginners, but those who are really passionate can come up with excellent tracks that can be compared to the works of professional artists.

If you just unfold the pages of Facebook’s fact file, you will come to know that it is one of the most visited platforms. In fact, in U.S. it became so popular that it even outperformed Google. Considering this influence of Facebook (FB), musicians are now connecting with their followers via the same platform. All you need is a FB page, regular and interactive posts, and thus, you will not only be connecting with the existing fans, but will also earn some new.

After the birth of her daughter Blue Ivy in February of last year, Beyonce had flown under the radar for quite a while. Slowly but surely she has begun to creep back into the public’s imagination from gracing the cover of GQ Magazine to her performance soundcloud plays at this year’s Super Bowl in early February.

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Nemesis: I’m so honored. Last year was nothing short of one of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had as a DJ. The room was to capacity before I played the first track. I had friends texting me that they couldn’t get in, and that there was some ridiculous line going on outside the ballroom. I couldn’t believe it. Granted, I felt bad that some people had to wait an hour to get in, but there was nothing I could do about it. So, my suggestion to everyone this year: get there earlier. It’s going to be a ton of fun.

People find new music in a variety of ways. Some wait for the music to hit popular radio, some search the internet and music blogs, and Pandora is one way many people find their music, but for songwriters and musicians just starting out or with limited fan bases, it can be tough to get added to their rotation. Now don’t get me wrong, Pandora is an absolute fantastic way to discover new music, and put your own little playlist together. But what if there were cool services like this for newbie Indie musicians. Insert Noisetrade, Tweetforatrack, and Tweetmysong. There are also apps for Facebook like Bandpage, and you can also allow people to download your playlists or songs through buy soundcloud plays.

Nemesis: I was VERY nervous my first year. After the first few songs I was fine and just did my thing. The crowd was great! I would guess there were about 400 or 500 people. That’s huge numbers when you consider most of the clubs I DJ don’t even hold that many people. Each year has grown exponentially, and it’s a blast to see so many people into electronic music.

Another thing along those lines- don’t put your online multi-media eggs in 1 basket. If you’ve got audio clips, find multiple hosting solutions for them, and provide links to all of them… do the same with video- put em on Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler etc. This method provides more possibilities of people getting your content under the corporate radar.