Use A Shower Head Filter To Protect Your Hair From Chlorine

Shower Head Water Filters are in a number of homes. But a lot more need to get them. People do not realize the importance of shower head filters. Why would we drink clean water and then shower in water containing chemicals, pesticides and contaminants? Water filters for shower heads take care of the problem, by removing these things from the water before it hits our skin.

Our skin and hair contain sebaceous glands that secrete an oily substance to give the hair and skin moisture and protection from drying out. Chlorine and the chemical by-products strip the hair and skin of this natural protection. Skin becomes dry and sometimes itchy. Hair, too, becomes dry and has a frizzled look, especially at the ends.

The best, 2 stage shower head filter will filter out the offending chemicals and leave your hair, skin and lungs in a vibrant, healthy state. Skin lotions will absorb quickly. Hair cosmetics will adhere and work because the layer of chlorine, which accumulates over time, will be gone. You will notice an improvement after your first chlorine free shower. It’s like bathing in natural spring water!

Men: Forget all the soft gentle settings. The only reason men would want a huge range of settings is to be able to increase water pressure. That is all.

Chlorine is, and should be, added to municipal water systems to prevent the spread of water born disease containing bacteria and viruses. The trouble is that chlorine reacts with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water and leaves by-products that can be carcinogenic. So we must eradicate the chlorine to be truly clean when we shower.

With more study of shower and trying to improve the techniques, different companies comes with a new shower head called as Best Shower Head s. In this the shower head doesn’t rely on water pressure, instead it works by spreading the water all over your body and helps in cleaning your body. In best handheld shower head the water flow is divided into small droplets that gave you a soothing effect of rainfall. Apart form being soft for your skin and scalp, it is very effective in comparison to the normal shower head.

The best shower filters (really, water filters in general) work to their maximum to keep your body in shape. They reduce the chances of infection in your body. Infection causes inflammation. Inflammation is present in nearly all diseases, including life threatening ones like heart disease and cancer.

Regardless of your choice of manufacturer, you are sure to enjoy the wonderful feeling this type of shower head offers. We’ve heard many people claim they will never go back to a traditional head after experiencing the rain head.