Top 5 Gift Ideas For The Wife

Hey, do you know what’s coming up? No. not that big project you have at work… Forget about that, there are other important things in life. Well, I’m talking about Valentines Day. And it doesn’t matter how much you’ll try not to think about it – it still coming and you know it mister.

You could dress as simply as a green t-shirt and you could dress as complicated as a full outfit as a leprechaun. If you do the latter, people would enjoy just looking at you! That’s a great way to contribute to the holiday spirits.

Roses: – Roses are great gifts for this Day. It has got special importance. A beautiful bouquet prepared with different colors of roses such as red, pink, yellow and white can be a great surprise. This gift will surely please your special friend.

If you are serious about getting a girl to date you, you must learn to take yourself seriously. Always being the funny guy or being the class clown can easily be misinterpreted as being annoying or childish. Though most women like a man that has an amazing sense of humor, trying too hard to be funny can become a disadvantage.

Make Valentines cards from scratch using card stock or plain paper. Cut hearts, bows and arrows, and cupids out of construction or other colored paper of all sizes. Children can then glue the cut outs onto the card paper. Use stickers, glitter glue, crayons, markers, stencils, and stamps to help decorate the cards. Help children write the valentine week list 2018 message on the card and sign it.

At the end of the valentine week out all the tasks and the times spent on them. I think you’ll be amazed at how much time you’re spending on things that really aren’t the best use of your time. Now divide the list into tasks that you yourself must absolutely, positively handle and tasks that you could hand off to someone else. Yes, I said hand off to someone else. You’re about to learn to delegate, Heaven help you.

After you have completely melted her heart with the release of your feelings, it will be time to wine and dine her. Don’t be a tightwad this year, and spend the money on this special occasion. Take her to her favorite restaurant, or cook her favorite meal. Take her to see the chick flick you know she’s been dying to see. Take her shopping at her favorite store. Good lord man, pamper this woman like there is no tomorrow. If you do all of this and can go all night without saying something stupid, then the dividends of your efforts should pay out for months!

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