The Real Benefits Of Artificial Grass

When I was a kid of 12, something very interesting happened in our neighborhood. Down the street, at the corner of Florence and LaSalle, the folks who live on the northeast corner did something no one saw coming until the trucks showed up. They built a putting green in their backyard. Not just a putting green mind you, but a natural, bent grass putting green. Correction, it was their back yard. My dad, who was encouraging me to learn the game of golf at the time, called those neighbors and got permission for me to use their putting green albeit under very strict rules. He may even have given them a security deposit. I got an hour a day three days a week from 4 o’clock to 5 o’clock, there was no running on the green and you never, ever putted with shoes on.

In fact, an artificial turf lawn can actually save you money in the long run! Since you’ll never need to water it, you’ll notice an immediate savings on your water bills. Since you’ll never need to mow it, you’ll never have to spend any more money on yard tools or gas for your lawnmower.

You should get rid of pet feces from the grass. Wash out the grass using a sanitising solution to make it clean. These materials are for cleaning up pet wastes. Try cleaning this with a solution of five percent bleach and water to sterilise the spot. After accomplishing this, it’s best to wash out the grass well to clear out the cleaner.

Choose all neutral furniture for the room too. Try to get fabrics with texture to break up the monotony. Jacquard weaves are a great choice for upholstered furniture. A wicker piece spray painted in a neutral shade makes a nice statement. And a leather ottoman will bring a bit of rich elegance to the room.

Make sure the area you are covering is clean and free of any debris and is as level as possible. Imperfections can be seen with any small objects under the artificial grass installation and it can also damage the grass over time.

Imagine all the time and money you could save if you didn’t have to water your lawn. You could conserve a lot of water if you didn’t have to worry about your grass drying out. Synthetic grass stays green in any weather. It will never turn dry and yellow, and it will always look beautiful.

A real lawn requires a tremendous amount of maintenance and upkeep, especially if you want it to look beautiful all year long. And even with the most consummate care and maintenance, a real lawn can still end up with yellow spots, brown patches, weeds and more. Plus, if you don’t mow weekly, it looks wild and unkempt which makes your home look shabby. Real lawns require hours and hours of care and upkeep to look their best.

Of course, money isn’t everything. For most of us, time is equally precious. Real grass takes a lot of time to keep in shape. Between cutting the grass, watering it, fertilizing it and weeding it, you can waste a lot of time every week. Artificial grass doesn’t require any significant upkeep, though; once it’s in place, you can leave it alone for the most part. This will free up a lot of spare time for you, allowing you to take care of other things. When combined with the cost savings, it’s plain to see that artificial grass is a spectacular investment.