Take Your Gas Grill Barbecue With You

Summer is here and everyone is grilling. The next time you invite people over you can surprise them when you bring their food to the table with a unique grill mark on it.

Look for a grill with at least 8,500 BTUs of burning capacity. Ideally, the grill should have at least 2 burners delivering a minimum of 8,500 BTUs. The greater the burning capacity, the better. Novices should refrain from investing in large grills with a lot of burning capacity (40,000 BTUs or more) as they can easily burn the meat with it.

Try not to rotate the ignition knob roughly. A well-maintained grill should ignite the first time you rotate the ignition knob. If it takes a few turns to ignite the grill, there could be something wrong with the flow of propane gas in the grill. You might have to check the burner, the gas hose or the venturi of the equipment.

There are many budgets for remodeling work, but for under $500 the ball could get rolling in the right direction for a partial room “makeover”. If money is not a problem (and the husband’s man stuff is starting to annoy you) then an spare room or basement could be converted for a few thousand dollar into a Man Cave paradise.

However the perfect accessory for the Q 140 is the matching rolling cart. This will make the grill feel and look like a how to clean gas grill burners! And this grill (IMHO) is built much better than the comparable Foreman Grill. Also, if you like to grill at any time of the night, the Weber Q handle light is inexpensive and will come in very handy.

If you have a smaller family and just like to have fun with your family circle, you may choose to use the smaller and less expensive barbecue grill. But if you have a bigger family or if you are fond of hosting barbecue parties, you certainly need a bigger barbecue grill too. You may need a portable outdoor grill because they are usually designed for larger parties and, most of all, outdoor grills are mobile. It is a right choice if you plan to hold a picnic or if you decide to go camping, because it is less hassle.

Choose the Best Gas Grill which offers features that you want and will regularly use. Consider a model with a warming shelf to keep finished foods hot while others are still cooking. This saves you from running back and forth to the kitchen. Also, look for a model that offer storage underneath to hold frequently used tools. Again, this saves a lot of footwork. Work areas are always nice to have as are side burners to cook other dishes at the same time. Take these into consideration when researching and choosing a gas grill and your purchase will be a great appliance for many years to come.