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If you are preparing to spend New Yr in Australia then you are in for a real deal with! Whilst most of the northern hemisphere can look forward to freezing temperatures as they stand patiently in the crowds, to welcome in 2010, here in Australia, we can anticipate to be in t-shirts and shorts.

Do you have a occupation that demands you to meet other people at different locations? Real Estate Sales People for instance frequently satisfy viewpoint purchasers at various properties. It may be better to satisfy someplace public like a diner or coffee store first. You can obtain identification and other personal particulars there instead than at the property. Always depart phrase with a co-employee of your assembly ideas, such as place, occasions and names of clients. This info will be crucial to an investigation ought to something unexpected happen to you. Always have some kind of defensive spray with you when working with customers you are not acquainted with.

Check out which are secure and think about contacting a taxi switchboard and have the taxi sent to you rather of hailing 1 on the road (the switchboard ought to tell you the number plate of the cab or a code phrase).

This is completely unprecedented, and locals are questioning if we are heading to get slammed with a severe chilly spell in March. I guess we’ll have to see, but for now don’t be alarmed if you see Vancouverites walking around in t-shirts and other people in shorts! For us this is balmy, great climate.

With regard to amenities, the VLJ’s are lacking. VLJ’s usually have no bathroom. If they do it’s usually coated by a curtain or is called an “emergency toilet”. I know for certain that I don’t want to use or watch somebody use an emergency rest room whilst on a three hour flight. Small cabins and absence of galley are other lacking facilities that some company travelers cannot overlook.

Try and have somebody with you while walking metropolis streets. There is safety in numbers and attacks are less most likely to happen if you are with other people. iPods or other devices that use headphones ought to not be utilized when strolling. Criminals appear for simple targets and not only are the headphones a great signal that you are not having to pay interest to what’s heading on around you, but the gadgets they are connected to can also be a tempting target of robbers. If you are confronted by somebody looking to trigger you harm, yell, scream and attract as much interest to yourself as feasible. The undesirable attention may be sufficient to scare absent your attacker.

When asked, a great limo driver will gladly display you about the best golf equipment, the museum, the zoo, well-known castles, seashores, sports activities centers and its numerous eclectic neighborhoods. A good limousine driver will also give you suggestions on the very best eating places, the very best street meals, up and coming bands and locations with great shopping deals.

Travelling in community transport vehicles can be much less expensive. But, when you have luggage or journey with children, it is best to travel in a personal vehicle.