Oil & Gas: Global Industry Almanac

Sometimes when you are selling and you see significant savings from using your product or service, then the prospect or client may actually question the number that you have come up with. I have had this happen numerous times and one way that I have found how to combat the skeptics is to break the larger number down into a smaller number and make it relative.

Now is a great time to be entering the oil and gas industry. We’ve been told by some that the oil and gas industry will be cutting back on staff as oil and gas are running out on the planet. Oil may be running out but from our perspective being the recruitment of oil and gas rig workers, the oil and gas industry is hot right now. As old oil fields close, the oil and gas companies are starting drilling on new oil fields. This is great news for rig workers because it means that there is years of work ahead. Interested yet?

The problem I had with my client was that his guarantee was bogus. I returned to his website each day for weeks after I terminated our agreement only to see that my client’s “deadline” rolled over each day. The deadline was always for “today only.” I doubt that anyone believed that this man would send their money back if they missed his arbitrary deadline. But he offered that false deadline anyway to make a buck.

None of the tar sands oil is spoken for. The whole scheme depends on future markets. As the U.S. scrambles to fund alternatives to foreign oil, the U.S. gives costly subsidies to oil investments. Those companies want to move tar sands and expand hydraulic fracturing beyond the limits of reason. The oil is likely to go to other countries, not to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.

It’s times like these when a best friend comes in handy. Splitting the cost to share the ride and the experience is priceless. And Austin is the place to be. March madness has arrived with Mardi Gras celebrations, Spring Break parties, a Texas Independence Day parade, and a plethora of Saint Patricks’s Day events.

In a world economy where flat is the new up, what can you do to adapt set yourself apart, and really look up. After all flat is boring. So as you look up and aim high. Think about how you can improve your business or your job to meet the demands of the new economy. What can you do today that will yield results, one year, two years or even five years down the road.

For more information about this horror and what you can do to add your voice to save our American icons, see the links provided below. The horses have no one except the advocates. Please step up before it’s too late.

In summary, there are some good products on the market that are worth your consideration during these tough times. With prices continuing to go up, now is the time to start investigating different ways of saving money on gas.