Is Your Cat Using Her Litter Box?

We love our pets dearly and they quickly find their way into our hearts. But that doesn’t mean that we have to love the messes they make. Just like anyone else in our family, we can’t love everything about them. And when it comes to our pet cats, the litter box is one of the most common annoyances for cat owners. Here are some simple solutions for solving some common litter box problems.

Discount stores and pet shops sell inexpensive slotted plastic scoops for cleaning litter boxes. It’s essential to remove such clumps from your adopted cat’s litter box as promptly as possible. A feline may reject a dirty litter box, forming a nasty habit you will certainly wish to avoid.

Cat care includes proper grooming. You do not want to play with your cat if it smells badly. That is why make sure to start grooming the cat even if it is young so that it will not fear being brushed or bathed. When bathing the cat, you must be careful on the temperature of the water that you will use. It must be lukewarm. Cold waters can startle the cat like it is being hit with the runt stun gun.

Put a half cup of lemon juice and two cups of water in a microwave-safe bowl. Put it in the microwave for five minutes or more (just make sure all the water does not evaporate). Add more water to the mix if necessary. This should give the kitchen a quick lemon scent.

Before leaving home, compile a few important supplies to make travelling successful for you and your cat. Make sure kitty has a collar with an ID tag on it, so if for any reason he is separated from you, he can be returned home later. My cats are microchipped by my vet, but I still put collars on them when I travel. Keep a leash with you, in case you need it while travelling, but don’t attach it to your cat’s collar until you get him out of the crate. Have a pet travel crate or carrier to keep kitty in while in the car. This is important because if you let your cat walk around the cabin of the car as you drive, not only will he be a distraction to you but he can get between your feet and possibly cause an accident. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The final factor, and probably the most common question is, “What type of cat litter box offers the best maintenance solution?” Typically a plastic one offers the easiest clean up. While there are many styles and options available, you can wash most with a simple soap and water solution. Another product for you is liners. These are usually a plastic bag type product. You simply place the bag in your best kitty litter boxes and then pour the kitty litter inside. When it is time to clean it, you simply pull the tops of the bag up and remove all the waste. With this solution your box stays clean without having to scrub.

Cat care recommendations also incorporate playtime. Play using your cat frequently. You may show affection while in the smallest ways but invest time to perform along with your cat. Immediately after some time, you might observe some points that the cat likes to play with or areas the place they really like shelling out time in. connect with the cat by demonstrating interest during these factors and use it to perform with them. Cats are simple to perform with. Seize a ribbon and dangle it before them and you have their interest. Kitties are very visual animals so stimulating their vision is really an excellent strategy to start off.

I love the automatic cat litter box because my house always smells like the litter box was just cleaned, because it has been. It also cuts back on my cat box duties. So, in my opinion $65 was well worth it for the Littermaid Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box. It works great and makes my life just a little bit easier.