Good Link Building Strategies

When you’re effectively implementing a linking strategy for your website, essentially what you’re doing is creating link relationships between your content and your keyword search terms. An important aspect of a linking strategy is being able to check for back links and to know how well your site is performing in the search indexes.

In my opinion you are better off in the first instance getting your site listed with as many well ranking Search Engines as possible. Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing will give you the majority of the available traffic out there but there are many more that are worth getting listed with purely because they have a great PageRank. Get your website listed with as many of these as possible. Do a search on Top Search Engines.

Any webmaster could simply analyze the backlinks of their high ranking competitors and see exactly why they were ranking as they were. They could see where these websites had incoming links from. How those websites were linking to them. A webmaster then simply needed to implement their own link building campaigns as close to those as possible to achieve success. So a few years ago Google stopped showing all backlinks to websites.

Use heading tags ( [h1]heading[/h1] etc) and put your keyword into the heading. Again the usual weighting rules exist. Have your keyword as close to the beginning of the heading and have as few other words in the heading. Position this heading as close to the top of your page as you can for increased relevance.

Easy cash. What we as Internet Marketers know is incredible compared to most of the world. Usually teasing offline owners with a few tidbits of knowledge is enough to get their eyes wide open, and the sell is very easy from there. I like to charge reasonable prices to my clients, but I know of people who are charging $1k and upwards per month just for “website maintenance”. It’s quite unbelievable what people are willing to pay since they don’t have the knowledge themselves.

When done properly this can do wonders for your website traffic. Unfortunately most click here campaigns turn into a free-for-all link farm building campaign where all webmasters do is get as many incoming links as they can, even if they are completely unrelated.

Crowd sourcing is the act of outsourcing tasks, traditionally performed by an employee or contractor, to an undefined, large group of people or community (a “crowd”), though an open call, according to Wikipedia.

Utilize article marketing and forum posting. These are currently the best options to get quality inbound links. Every submission or post grants you one link to your website.