Fun With Resumes And Executive Job Searches

Your unemployment checks certainly won’t be as large as your old salary, but they can help cover some of your basic expenses. Don’t hesitate to file though; it takes most states several weeks to get you your first unemployment check. And don’t worry – receiving unemployment checks does not have a negative effect on your credit score.

Find the hiring manager.Go around the HR department you’ve been talking to and contact the hiring manager. Start a relationship. How’s this going to help you?

Commitments should be respected on time. Also you should learn to use your time in the right places rather than the wrong areas. A simple example should suffice. It’s always better to utilize your time in hiring a more useful employee than wasting time behind a not so efficient one. Utilize your time well and do so in the right spheres.

Here’s the key: adopt 100% authenticity. Just be you. You are more than good enough, right now, today. Too often I connect with executives who seemingly have forgotten their inner gifts and talents. What that usually sounds like is, “The team really did that. I was just on it.” Certainly I realize you didn’t achieve the industry-leading position for your employer by yourself overnight. However, at the Director, VP, or C-level, I’m sure your expertise and leadership proved instrumental to what the organization was able to achieve. The lesson is this: in executive Recruitment Agencies London, being humble isn’t going to cut it. Get back in touch with your genuine gifts, confidently say what those gifts are, and that will make your networking so much easier as you break into the hidden job market.

So, not only did this candidate show creativity by sending stones in the mail, he started a conversation at the agency by mailing his materials to two people: the HR person and the hiring manager. This got them both talking to each other.

A good way to avoid isolation is to keep in touch with the people in your network, including any recruitment consultants you may be dealing with. Apart from reducing loneliness, doing this helps you remain ‘visible’ and more ‘front of mind’. This, in turn, improves the chances of people recognising opportunities for you.

Did you also know that 40% of job cuts announced are in the fall? This may be a great time to have your resume updated and ready – just in case. You will be ahead of the rest of your coworkers with an updated resume if layoffs occur and you need to look for work.