Free Frozen Yogurt On National Frozen Yogurt Day: Free Froyo Across America

Make a habit of putting healthy foods on display like fruits, vegetables and nuts. Try not to use dips high in fat. Fruits are extremely healthy, but have more sugar and not as much fiber as vegetables, so veggies are a necessity. Celery is a healthy and extremely low calorie snack. Nuts are a must. Though nuts may be somewhat calorie dense, they are great sources of fiber, omega 3, antioxidants, vitamin E and more.

The weekend festival is kicked off by the Taste of Highland Park, which opens on Fri. at 11 a.m. The Taste offers food from several local restaurants, with specialties including sushi, frozen yogurt boston, burgers, tacos, tamales, tapas, sandwiches, gyros, ribs and more.

The head of the PGA Tour tries to assure viewers that everything will be okay without Tiger Woods, while pointing out the obvious lack of big names to turn to. Slight.

Stuffing: Make with whole-wheat bread and cook separate to the meat so it doesn’t soak up any fats during cooking. Add onions and celery simmered in vegetable stock plus sage and spices for flavour.

The frozen berries can also be heated in the microwave and served warm over pancakes or waffles. My husband’s preferred strawberry treat involves thawing the frozen strawberries and making parfaits with low fat vanilla yogurt and his favorite granola cereal.

Store up healthy foods that don’t go bad quickly. When we’re always busy on the go we might tend to forget about eating healthy and if we have too many healthy food that go bad quickly, we might forget about them as they perish. Wasting food is just a slap in the face to Ethiopians and your wallet. Oatmeal, frozen meat/fish, frozen vegetables, and brown rice can last a long time.

Get creative: Kemp Center for the Arts offers a variety of summer art classes for all levels and ages (including children’s classes) from oil painting to drawing to yoga.