Color Matters: Choosing The Right Roof Shingle Colors For Your House

When looking at roof materials, slate, copper and clay/concrete roofs all have a 50-year life expectancy while asphalt shingle roofs have a 20-year expectancy. Fiber cement shingles should last approximately 25 years while wood shakes should be good for around 30 years.

Metal Roofing prices are varied. And much of it depends upon the exact composition of the metal, the installation costs, and of course, the quality of the materials used. And since metal roofs come in different shapes, colors, and styles too, this may also be a factor in terms of costing.

Flat roofs are often applied with tar paper. This tar will help keep the building watertight. Many different kinds of protection are added, depending on the needs of the residents. Another layer of concrete can even be applied so that the roof is protected from the UV rays of the sun. But no matter what kind of material is used for the roof, it is best to call professionals for proper maintenance.

Tar and flashing are helpful items for real time roof repair Northern Virginia homes might need during bad weather. It might mean that climbing on top of the roof is needed, but it is a great way to repair the roof if replacing it is not an option. Hammers and nails are the best materials to fasten loose ends of the roof and placing covers for holes. Never forget to wear your safety gear when doing roof repair.

Inspect your roof at the end of summer and winter, the seasons that are hardest on a roof. You should also give your roof an extra inspection following a bad rainstorm, windstorm, snowstorm, or severe hail.

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If you’re looking for a trade that takes some learning, is hard, yes accomplishing work, and that pays a good amount, I suggest looking into roofing. If you’re afraid of heights or ladders, roofing isn’t for you either.